I’m Tony Garcia, maintainer of this repository of Stuff Mexicans Dig. As I’m sure you can gather, this site follows in the footsteps of Stuff White People Like.

While there is already a site like this one (Stuff Mexican Americans Like), I aim to make one that’s a little funnier, a little edgier…A little spicier, if you will. Not to mention that the linked site hasn’t updated since 2008, but I’m sure Mexicans and all other races are just dying to hear more about the obscure, interesting, and unorthodox things we Latinos enjoy.

Depending on how things go with this site in terms of readers and fan feedback, I will create a presence for it on the various social networking hubs. There’s no way in Hell I’m going to put this shit on Twitter if I don’t have to, though. That’s one of the things that Mexicans DON’T like: unnecessary effort.


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